Tips Appear To Fit Every Day

Tips Appear To Fit Every Day – Appearing healthy and fit throughout the day is the hope of every person, because fitness is vital in maximizing employment. Currently, the body fit and healthy is no longer just a hope but a necessity, especially for those who have solid activity throughout the day, so inevitably fitness is very important. To look fit is actually very simple and inexpensive, although there are many people taking expensive supplements that still look fit. Here Blog PIB will share Tips Appear To Fit Every Day:

1.       Exercise

Activities of daily exercise helps prepare the body for the challenges of daily activities. The trick is to start the day with stretching on every member of the body, starting from head to toe. In this way, every part of the body and its muscles will have enough relaxation after silent night while you sleep. Finish with relaxation, you can simply start with daily activities.

Surely stretching in the morning just is not enough so I suggest that you also do two types of exercise – cardiovascular (cardio) and muscle building – from Monday to Saturday. Cardiovascular Olaharga – running, jogging, brisk walking, cycling, aerobics classes – keeping the heart rate remained normal, 60 beats / min. That way the Agency will always Fit Every Day of. In effect, the heart to supply blood flow relatively more, which means supplying more oxygen to the brain to remember the blood also carries oxygen. Because the brain gets plenty of oxygen supply, you do not experience fatigue when working fast. In addition, the suction power of the lungs are also enlarged because it used to suck more oxygen through cardio exercises. For cardio, I recommend that you schedule your cardio exercise 3 times a week alternately, for example, run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He’s the other day – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, you establish and maintain muscle by lifting weights or martial arts. In this way, when the intensity increases, the body is still able to maintain the rhythm of work because the muscles of the body are formed from Monday to Saturday. Sunday should be a day of rest because, as good as any of your physical condition, your muscles will burn out if the body is always working continuously.

 2.       Eat nutritious food.

Foods with balanced nutrients provide useful substances – carbohydrates, proteins, calories, vitamins, fiber – the body in your daily work activities. Therefore, try to consume a variety of foods every day. In the morning you can start with a small quantity of carbohydrates consumed, eg, eat chicken porridge, cereal, rice uduk, or egg sandwich / meat. Breakfast is sufficient to provide the necessary nutrients your body to start work in the morning without making a full stomach or drowsiness. At lunch, the dinner menu can be filled with carbohydrates / protein, fiber, and vitamins, for example, rice with grilled chicken and vegetables. In the evening, the dinner menu can be paid back to eat vegetables or meat without rice. However, at night you do not need a lot of carbs considering just spent the night to sleep alone. Avoid consumption of fast food and bersantan unravel because of high fat content. Limit your consumption of fried foods as well and multiply food served with boiled or roasted. If you can cook, try not to cook your food is not too long so as not to lose much of its nutrient content. In addition, keep fit with a dose of the food you need. Too many carbs and fats actually make you sleepy easily. And do not forget to keep the content of water in the body by drinking water instead of soda or alcoholic beverages minuma. Oh yes, there is one type of food that should be consumed every day, fruit. Whatever the type, the fruit contains a lot of vitamin C to keep in shape. Eat any fruit you love in the original form or juiced.

3.       Consumption of food supplements.

To replenish the body’s nutrition, food supplements can also be consumed in sufficient quantity as far as the body needs. Before you buy supplements, it is better to consult with your personal physician or nutritionist to avoid negative impacts arise in the future. Supplements that are too excessive can cause adverse effects, yet all of the excess is always a negative impact. I personally use vitamin C supplements in pill form, the dose is 300 mg.

One pill is enough to sustain myself in daily activities. Kala I’m feeling fit, I increase the consumption to 2 pills / day. Although supplements are good for adding nutrients and vitamins your body needs, you should wear them in the dosage indicated on the label or prescription. Consumption of supplements that too much will cause dependency effects and toxic chemicals accumulate in the body too much. So, do not get sick just because you are taking food supplements or vitamins too much.

4.       Regimentation and proportionate.

Working in balance and not diporsir will provide enough work hours for the body. If your work schedule starts from 7 am to 5 pm, work is on schedule. Too often working late at night until the morning will disrupt the body’s rhythms. If the work of 7-5 hours with 10 hours a day, then you have 14 hours that can be used for sports, 2 hours, and the rest, 12 hours. However, if you have the working hours are not fixed; Monday working 10 hours, Tuesday 15 hours, Wednesday 20 hours; body easily susceptible sick because he never had enough time to rest and rejuvenate. When the work pattern was continued until Saturday, you’ll collapse on Sunday. If so, you are forced to go to the hospital or buy medicine from the doctor and undergo compulsory rest to recover from illness. This means you lose a lot of hours to work and lose the opportunity to develop themselves professionally. I can talk like this because I’ve been there. In terms of sleep, try to get a night’s sleep as much as 8 hours a day, at minimum 6 hours. This time is enough to give a chance to the body cells, muscle gain, heart, and brain to stabilize and recover.

Life balance also requires you to hold the canal does not work. Finish the job in the office or when holiday, you should do light activity as the business of relaxation. These activities can include reading books, watching movies, learn to paint, sing, watch the drama, and many others. There is also good if you take the time to interact with your friends in your neighborhood as a social skill development opportunities. Events like this help to divert the mind from the pressures at work so that when at rest the weekend after you’ve returned refreshed mind and body energy replenished.
So tips to fit constantly throughout the day, may be useful for you all.

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